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What Do You Have In Mind?

  •   Our team of highly skilled Architects deliver the best Interior Design scheme for each project making it unique to the special requests of our Clients and to their expectations and convenience.  
  • Design styles range from a palette of different design styles and moods, here are some:  

A) Classic Style

  i) Classical ornaments depict oak or laurel leaves, Greek meander, but it can be seen a certain order and symmetry at their disposition.


ii) The walls are often covered with cloth or paneled with natural wood. As a flooring used parquet, but in some areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room) is permissible to use marble or stone tiles.


iii) The ceiling in the classical style is usually white, decorated with stucco friezes.


iv) Most often used olive, beige, cream, light green and gold colors in the finishing materials, furniture and textiles. 

v) In upholstery and textiles are often used blue, blue-green and sand colors.   

B) Contemporary Style:

  i) It is having an area that is clean, has décor that is well defined, has unique textures, a space that is uncluttered, and painted in cool colors. Before trying to change your house, you need to know your budget, what color scheme you want to use along with the textures, and furniture you want. 

  ii) One idea to use with contemporary interior design are white, blacks, tans, and grays. You could use these colors and pair it with a bold color such as red. One example that you could use would be to paint three walls a soft color and the other wall a bold color like red, forest green, deep blue, etc.

  iii) The furniture should lend a soft look to the room. 

  iv) If you have hardwood floors, you can use throw rugs that will complement the wall colors and furniture.     

  v) Neutrals, black, and white are the main colors in contemporary style interiors.  

C) Oriental Style

 Arabian architecture and interior designs cover many of the Mediterranean styles such as Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian and you can also find Arabic influences in Moroccan interiors, the style most closely associated with an Arabian style. 

  i) Islamic culture plays an important role in both Moroccan and Arabic design. Also Modern Arabic interior style has the minimalist look of a European and American design.

 ii) Arabic furniture includes chests, chairs and sofas, typical, small polygonal end tables, panels, divider screens, carved doors, Koran boxes and stands 

iii) A brighter shade can be used, such as dark orange or Moroccan red. Other colors to consider: beige, wheat, chocolate brown, cinnamon, crimson, curry, gold, coral, salmon, rust, plum and navy.  

D) Modern Style

 Modern design is a style of decor that focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally-friendly materials

  i) Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism. Post-World War II ideals of cutting excess, commodification, and practicality of materials in design heavily influenced the aesthetic of the furniture.

 ii) Use of natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen are prominent. Molded plywood and plastic is very popular in modern furniture, as well as polished metal.

  iii) Furniture is very open and raised off the floor allowing for an airy feeling. Walls are often white adding to the expansive feeling. Modern interiors generally have bare floors and if area rugs are used, they are typically wool, and neutral in colour.

  iv) Hints of color were used in moderation.